Friday, May 25, 2018

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E-Commerce websites are booming these days, and for good reason: they can make a lot of money. Whether you’re selling physical goods, virtual products, or services, you need an online foundation that can handle your lofty goals.
There are mainly 5 pages which conclude an e- commerce website:
1. Shop page/ Home page
2. Individual product page
3. Cart
4. Checkout
5. My account
There are certain things which you should keep into your mind while developing your e- commerce website.
Determine which of the pages are essential to your website. Perhaps you don’t require account functionality, which can be the case if you aren’t a large company. Or maybe you want to simplify your website and have the shop page as the homepage. These considerations are specific to your users and your website.
Planning the functionality of your chosen pages is integral to the design and development process. Deciding what of the functionality we’ve covered is important to your website. You might not need all of the elements listed in this post; considering this before starting to build the website will prevent confusion on what needs to be implemented where. You can also take this chance to consider which features you want in the future and how you could develop to potentially include them in the future.
Using the considerations presented here, along with anything you may have experienced in your own online shopping, you can create realistic goals for your website. At this point you could take your ideas and ask others for opinions, or even start development if you feel ready.

A great website starts with great planning. Knowing what you’re getting into before starting is essential to a good end result.


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